Runnin' Lean, Livin' Rich


See See Motorcycles started as a grassroots movement in the Pacific Northwest with a broad focus on all things two wheels. The company started with a small sticker order and an idea of building a large community of like-minded riders and would be riders. As they grew so would the influence of the small Portland based company. See See Motorcycles own and operate 2 motorcycle centric coffee shops, a small retail store, new to this year a KTM Dealership and participate in every form of motorcycle racing. Even host their own races and custom motorcycle shows. The brand is based around the idea of the past while looking forward into the future. Doing as much as they can with as little as possible.... Runnin Lean, Living Rich. 


Fox Racing and See See Motorcycles bring the two worlds of performance motocross and mx culture together with a limited edition product collaboration. This partnership was cultivated through the creative engine of the Fox Moto-X Lab. 

"Putting two unlikely things together haas always been our favorite thing. Its taking something that we all know and understand, flipping it on its head, and making something new. That is when the fun starts, that's what we want to be known for."

Thor Drake founder/co-owner of See See motorcycles 

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