REKLUSE CORE EXP 3.0 Auto Clutch for 16-18 KTM 250 XC-F

REKLUSE CORE EXP 3.0 Auto Clutch for 16-18 KTM 250 XC-F


Trusted by elite racers and enthusiasts worldwide, Core EXP is Rekluse's premiere centrifugal clutch system.

Using the principles of centrifugal force this clutch automatically engages and disengages based on RPM. This means you can come to a complete stop in gear, without touching the clutch lever, and your bike stays running.

  • Prevents engine stalls.
  • Clutch lever use is optional; lever feel and function are unchanged.
  • Smooth power engagement increases traction.
  • Cooler operating temperatures and incredibly efficient clutching provide extended clutch life.
  • Allows riders to refine skills like precise throttle control, line selection, and cornering.
  • Proprietary billet components offer superior durability.
  • Riding is enhanced, more fun, and less demanding so riders can conquer more terrain.
  • Fully tunable to suit rider and/or terrain.
  • Manual shifting of transmission still required.
  • Installation does not require modification of stock parts.

Prevents Stalling: Innovative EXP disk design incorporates updated wedge weights to prevent your machine from clutch related stalls.

Higher Durability: Improved design reduces friction and heat build-up so your components last longer.

Power to the Ground: A properly set up Core EXP delivers constant power without slip, providing high performance and traction control exclusive to the Auto-Clutch.

Better Lever Feel: Capable of manual override at all times with a lever that feels just like stock, but won't be subject to clutch fade like traditional clutches.

Technologically Advanced 3.0 Pressure Plate - Unprecedented Benefits:

  • Bike feels lighter - Up to 27% lighter creates less rotating mass.
  • Increases clutch life - Most innovative pressure plate design ever. Dramatically increases oil flow and cooling.

Innovative 3.0 Center Clutch Hub - Designed for Performance:

  • Bike feels lighter - Up to 20% lighter creates less rotating mass.
  • Increases clutch life and helps reduce fade - Dramatically increases oil flow to create cooler operating temperatures, reducing clutch fade and providing higher durability.

Precision Steel Drive Plates - Rekluse's Best Ever:

  • Provides consistent modulation and power delivery - Durable new tooth profile creates smoother, more controlled and consistent clutch modulation while helping deliver full power to ground.

100% Made in America: Rekluse's devotion to the passion and ingenuity of the American craftsman is an essential feature of their success. Many companies were born in America, even more companies sell products that are just designed in America. Rekluse designs, manufactures, inspects, and hand-packages every product in Boise, Idaho.

Note: All products include a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions (not available in all countries). Rekluse provides a 1-year warranty from date of shipment for materials and workmanship when the Rekluse product is installed per Rekluse instructions into a stock bike set-up.

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