We're proud to offer the following Race Prep packages by factory mechanic Tony Jeske. We get that these are expensive, but we want to offer the best service available for the aspiring and accomplished racer.


The Privateer Package includes the following...

  • Thorough wash
  • Inspection
  • Tire change(s) - charge accordingly f/r - or individual
  • Fluids top off - coolant, brake fluid.
  • Flush cooling system and install Evans Waterless if customer approved - additional cost labor - $50 1/2 hour and coolant (not sure on retail).
  • Service Controls and lube
  • Engine service - oil change - oil/filter
  • Air filter service
  • Chain service and adjustment
  • Full bike once over on accessible fasteners
  • Check spokes/true wheels
  • Hr meter install - No charge for install.  (Think this will be a go to Race Prep service for most and most likely repetitive)
  • Set Race sag and advise

$500 plus parts


The Almost Factory Package includes everything from the Privateer Package plus the following...

  • Same as STAGE 1 with a complete chassis service
    • Critical bearing surface and seal inspection along with re-grease of the bearings.  Replace if necessary with additional labor. 
  • Brake system/Clutch master bleed. 
  • Engine service additions - Standard
    • Valve clearance inspection and adjustment if needed.  ($160 adjusted/$80 in spec)
    • Clutch inspection
    • New spark plug



The Factory Ride Package includes everything from the Almost Factory and Privateer Packages plus the following...

  • Thorough wash prior to complete bike teardown and inspection
  • Every part is thoroughly cleaned and parts are replaced if necessary.  IE - chain wear parts, brake pads, seals, etc…
  • Inspect Frame and swingarm for cracks
  • Clean hardware, inspect, and lubricate fasteners for assembly
  • Inspect, disassemble, and rebuild brake systems.  Bleed upon completion
  • Service all chassis bearing- Swingarm, linkage, steering, wheel.  Replace if necessary with additional labor. 
  • Throttle body / Carburetor service and rebuild.  Optimize performance.
  • Service Controls.  Lube cables, lever and plunger pivots, throttle housing and tube.
  • Inspect wire harness
  • NEW Air filter and oil filter - Included in price
  • Tire change(s) - charge accordingly f/r - or individual
  • Evans Waterless coolant (not sure on retail, need to add in)
  • Engine services - Standard
    • Oil - oil/filter change
    • Valve clearance inspection and adjust accordingly
    • Clutch inspection 
    • New spark plug
    • Timing chain, and tensioner replacement - if necessary
  • Assemble the motorcycle 
  • Set Race sag and advis