Plain and simple, we love motorcycles.

Our philosophy is; 1) we want to be the most progressive and inclusive motorcycle shop in Oregon, and 2) we want to offer a space that inspires the next generation of motorcyclists to be involved in riding and racing.


Alexi Santorineos - Co-Owner / General Manager

I got my first dirt bike (an old Honda XR80) when I was 11 years old after bugging my father (mom had said no) for almost a year. The only catch was that the bike didn't run. Dad figured he'd slow me down a bit with the challenge to get it running. With a Haynes manual and a box of spare parts I slowly went to work taking the bike apart piece by piece. Id replace anything that I had a spare for that looked better than the one I took off. After a month or so of work, to my, and my dads amazement, I got that little bike running. From then on, there were always bikes around the house. I raced motocross throughout high-school and got my first job working at a local shop to support that habit. I have loved motorcycles, and working on anything mechanical ever since. For most of my adult life I have ridden and worked on motorcycles and cars as a hobby. In 2010 I established one of the first repair shops where people could come to learn and work along-side professional mechanics on their own bikes and vehicles. Since relocating to Oregon I have raced in the OMRA Offroad Series and have become addicted to exploring the incredible trails throughout the Northwest.


Thor Drake - Co-Owner

Born in Norway grew up in Arizona. Spent most of my early life trying to be a daredevil on skateboards and snowboards which lead me to motorcycles eventually. I was a sponsored snowboarder at the age of 16 and I spent the entire summer working at Mt. Hood snowboard camps. I loved Oregon so much I stayed and worked at Nike. my Nike job slowly turned into a creative builder making props, set design, tradeshow booths, basically, if you could dream it, I could build it. My first movie appearance was in the film Jackass 2 doing a full loop on a motorcycle. I wanted to try out advertising and was accepted into a post grad program at a global advertising agency called Wieden & Kennedy. Using the skills I developed at W&K I created The One Motorcycle Show and refined my idea for See See Motorcycles. The last 7 years have been focused on making See See Motorcycles as big as it can be. All the while building custom motorcycles, racing, writing stories, and living everything “motorcycles.” I bought my first brand new KTM last year and have finished top 5 in every race since. John Penton gave me an old Penton cap out of his personal collection. I think it was dipped in magic!


George Kassapakis - Co-Owner

Born in Portland Oregon but raised in Greece. Growing up my buddies and I loved all the twin cylinder 2 -stroke race bikes. Both my parents owned rock clubs and got me into the restaurant business early. When we moved back to Portland I started my career managing restaurants, eventually I moved on to be a beer distributor. I had the opportunity to purchase my first restaurant which I called the Bonfire Lounge. When I finally opened I had $10 in my bank account. I worked hard for 6 years and bought the building. Portland was a good place to buy real estate so I continued to purchase buildings using the success of the first as leverage. I had some good restaurant knowledge but wanted to try something that had my passion for motorcycles. Thor and I teamed up to create Portland's first moto coffee spot and build what is See See Motorcycles. I am more into the street side of motorcycles but he has shown me dirt can be fun too. I once kissed Valentino Rossi on the lips, it freaked him out a little but I was just trying to show my appreciation. It's the way of the Greeks. I have a huge collection of rare 70s-80’s 2 stroke race bikes, even built an RZ350 that was featured in the book Cafe Racers.


Justin Lewis - Co-Owner

A blue collar kid from Michigan and a former active duty U.S. Marine. I also co-founded and get the privilege of serving as the CEO of Instrument (, the digital marketing agency I started 11 years ago. I’m a pretty disciplined guy, I love my family, I love making organizations succeed, and I love the spirit that dirt bike racing embodies. I turned 40 last year and signed up for and survived Red Bull Romaniacs.