Plain and simple, we love motorcycles.

Our philosophy is; 1) we want to be the most progressive and inclusive motorcycle shop in Oregon, and 2) we want to offer a space that inspires the next generation of motorcyclists to be involved in riding and racing.


Alexi Santorineos - Co-Owner / General Manager

I got my first dirt bike (an old Honda XR80) when I was 11 years old after bugging my father (mom had said no) for almost a year. The only catch was that the bike didn't run. Dad figured he'd slow me down a bit with the challenge to get it running. With a Haynes manual and a box of spare parts I slowly went to work taking the bike apart piece by piece. Id replace anything that I had a spare for that looked better than the one I took off. After a month or so of work, to my, and my dads amazement, I got that little bike running. From then on, there were always bikes around the house. I raced motocross throughout high-school and got my first job working at a local shop to support that habit. I have loved motorcycles, and working on anything mechanical ever since. For most of my adult life I have ridden and worked on motorcycles and cars as a hobby. In 2010 I established one of the first repair shops where people could come to learn and work along-side professional mechanics on their own bikes and vehicles. Since relocating to Oregon I have raced in the OMRA Offroad Series and have become addicted to exploring the incredible trails throughout the Northwest.


Justin Vandenberg - Sales

As the son of a two-wheel racer, Justin was exposed to off-road adventures early-on during his childhood in Arizona. When his father moved the family to the Los Angeles area to take a job at High-Torque Publishing in the mid 80’s, Justin suddenly found himself as High Torque’s youngest test rider. Because he was already a skilled rider by age 9, Justin’s images often showed up in the pages of Dirt Bike, Dirt Wheels, 3 And 4 Wheel Action, American Freestyle and Dirt Rider (Petersen Publishing) magazines, where he rode and tested the latest machines and gear. During his High Torque years, Justin also raced a modified Yamaha Pee Wee 50 extensively and was a familiar sight in the Mini Moto Class at the Ascot Park Speedway track in Los Angeles. Justin learned how to handle a real moto starting gate at Ascot, long before the once-world-famous track closed in 1990.

By 1994, Justin’s family moved back to Arizona where he continued to ride and race motocross throughout High School with his best friend Thor Drake. In 2001 Justin worked as a manager at an industrial ride shop while simultaneously reaching the Pro-Amateur Class on a 125cc effort based in Phoenix. By 2002, Justin found himself back in California where he went to school in Santa Barbara for photography and commercial advertising.

Upon completing his schooling, Justin moved to the Chicago area where he worked as a Creative Director and Commercial photographer in the Mid-West. There, Justin got married and started a family as he continued to ride and help manage (and build tracks for) a local OHV Park. Justin also helped manage a race shop and RG3Suspension Center in Rockford, Illinois while he worked in advertising in the Mid-West until 2016. In 2017, Justin moved his young (and growing) family to Portland, Oregon where he reunited with long-time friend Thor Drake, to join the ever-expanding team at See See Motorcycles. Today, Justin looks forward to making See See the “most progressive and inclusive motorcycle shop in Oregon”, and believes that “inspiring the next generation of motorcyclists” is his future life’s work.


Tony Jeske - Master Mechanic

With a dream as a kid of working as a race mechanic, Tony Jeske set his sights on the lights and elements of professional MX and SX.  Growing up in a small town in Minnesota he rode and raced, but knew it wasn’t a career path at a young age.  He decided when he was 16 that he would attend MMI after graduating from High School and look forward to the future.  After attending the campus in Phoenix, Arizona and graduating he moved back to Minnesota and began working in a Yamaha and Polaris dealership as a tech.  The options for “Race Mechanic Internships” didn’t exist so with his focus still on racing at the highest level.  He continued with the persistence and it paid off when he was called by a Minnesota racer, Jayme Grosser, to be his wrench.  It was the end of December in 2002.  He quit his job that day and loaded his tools with his sails set toward California.  From that point on, the rest is history.  He sacrificed, pushed himself, learned the trade in the real world and what the pressure to perform really is, and worked his way up through the ranks of privateer mechanic to factory.  Working for teams such as WSA SnoCross MX Team, Subway Honda, Motoworld Suzuki, Cernics Suzuki, Geico Honda, JDR Jstar KTM along with other industry roles.  An opportunity came in 2006 to do some work with a legendary FMX rider.  It continued for years to come so he would balance a full time job and passionately work out of his garage doing things his way working with some of FMX’s greats.  When the corporate world got to a point of being stale and the feeling of having more in him that an employer couldn’t satisfy.  Jeske MX Customs was born, in 2012, in that garage.  It has since blossomed into a reputable establishment trusted by many of the sports Elite.


Thor Drake - Co-Owner

Born in Norway grew up in Arizona. Spent most of my early life trying to be a daredevil on skateboards and snowboards which lead me to motorcycles eventually. I was a sponsored snowboarder at the age of 16 and I spent the entire summer working at Mt. Hood snowboard camps. I loved Oregon so much I stayed and worked at Nike. my Nike job slowly turned into a creative builder making props, set design, tradeshow booths, basically, if you could dream it, I could build it. My first movie appearance was in the film Jackass 2 doing a full loop on a motorcycle. I wanted to try out advertising and was accepted into a post grad program at a global advertising agency called Wieden & Kennedy. Using the skills I developed at W&K I created The One Motorcycle Show and refined my idea for See See Motorcycles. The last 7 years have been focused on making See See Motorcycles as big as it can be. All the while building custom motorcycles, racing, writing stories, and living everything “motorcycles.” I bought my first brand new KTM last year and have finished top 5 in every race since. John Penton gave me an old Penton cap out of his personal collection. I think it was dipped in magic!


George Kassapakis - Co-Owner

Born in Portland Oregon but raised in Greece. Growing up my buddies and I loved all the twin cylinder 2 -stroke race bikes. Both my parents owned rock clubs and got me into the restaurant business early. When we moved back to Portland I started my career managing restaurants, eventually I moved on to be a beer distributor. I had the opportunity to purchase my first restaurant which I called the Bonfire Lounge. When I finally opened I had $10 in my bank account. I worked hard for 6 years and bought the building. Portland was a good place to buy real estate so I continued to purchase buildings using the success of the first as leverage. I had some good restaurant knowledge but wanted to try something that had my passion for motorcycles. Thor and I teamed up to create Portland's first moto coffee spot and build what is See See Motorcycles. I am more into the street side of motorcycles but he has shown me dirt can be fun too. I once kissed Valentino Rossi on the lips, it freaked him out a little but I was just trying to show my appreciation. It's the way of the Greeks. I have a huge collection of rare 70s-80’s 2 stroke race bikes, even built an RZ350 that was featured in the book Cafe Racers.


Justin Lewis - Co-Owner

A blue collar kid from Michigan and a former active duty U.S. Marine. I also co-founded and get the privilege of serving as the CEO of Instrument (, the digital marketing agency I started 11 years ago. I’m a pretty disciplined guy, I love my family, I love making organizations succeed, and I love the spirit that dirt bike racing embodies. I turned 40 last year and signed up for and survived Red Bull Romaniacs.